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    Dear all,
    we work with Autotask PSA and generating invoices and credit notes via the system. Now we want to export on a monthly period our invoices to our bookkeeping program: Kluwer TopAccount, some one who has information about this one?



    Hi Bart,
    Thanks for your registration on
    As feedback to you and the other community members, I repeat my response to your email about this topic.
    There currently is no Accounting software specific export procedure other than what’s in the Autotask specifications on this issue. There are only three solutions to this:
    – use the built in xml file feature to import Invoices in your accounting software (if this latter supports importing Invoices via xml)
    – manually input each invoice in the accounting software
    – there is a Dutch company called ApplicationLink that specialises in this type of integrations. It’s worth while checking the solutions they have or can build.

    I repeat the request for feedback I posted on Marie-Frances topic about an option to import Invoices from distribution into Autotask PSA.
    Are other partners interested in these kind of integrations? Detail and motivate your answer please.



    Ok thanks a lot Ben, we will try the XML import..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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