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    Wij willen ons aankoopproces en stockbeheer aanpassen.
    Zijn er mensen die dit met Autotask doen?
    Is dit makkelijke te integeren rechtstreekse koppelingen van leveranciers?

    Kenny Casier
    denk IT



    Hi Kenny, thanks for your membership and active participation!
    This topic, just as some others already raised, shows how much potential there is in the growth path for Autotask PSA! I’m glad lot of these good ideas come from Belgian Autotask Users, BAUC members.
    Here too, it frames into a more developed subsystem (Inventory & Purchasing).
    We don’t ‘directly’ connect PSA with supplier (Distri) systems now? anyone?



    Maybe not a direct answer, but I heard that the guys at http://www.applicatielink.nl have some integrations with Autotask and a couple of distris. Maybe they can be a good starting point.
    We do use the PSA purchasing module 80 percent of the time and mail the PSA generated PO’s to our suppliers. But it is not a completely integrated process like EDI.



    Hi Kenny,

    In fact we’re looking very critical at the Inventory & Procurement side of the PSA and are currently actively conducting market-research into potential improvements.

    There is already an integration with Tech Data and Ingram Micro available via Applicatielink (http://www.applicatielink.nl/), though depending on your wishes it might still leave something to be desired.

    For more information around integrations, I would advise taking a look in the knowledge-base under the extensions and integrations list: https://ww1.autotask.net/help/Content/AdminSetup/2ExtensionsIntegrations/IntegrationsMasterList.htm?Highlight=integrations

    Additionally, we revamped the online community in December and you can find all sorts of information there pertaining to the roadmap. You can also submit your ideas for improvement there. You can access the online community by hovering over the cloud-icon in the top-right corner of your Autotask.

    Hope this helps!

    Please note: on the administrators’ request we will try to keep to English as much as possible so everyone can understand, regardless of first language.

    Kind regards,

    Rajiv Soekhie
    Customer Success
    +3120 – 20 50 152

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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